How To Remove Tint Glue From a Car Window?

How To Remove Tint Glue From a Car Window

People use tints to get a shade from the harsh UV rays of sun and to protect the interior of the car as well. But as they don’t last forever, one may need to change them after a certain time.

But removing tint glue from the car window is not as easy as it seems unless you know the right procedure. The car tints require commercially produced glue as an adhesive to stick to the window. So, they are sticky and hard to remove.

This how-to article shows exactly how you can remove tint glue from car windows with 4 different methods. You may follow the one that seems more convenient to you depending on the available tools you have.

How to Remove Tint Glue From a Car Window?

Here are three simple methods that show you how you can remove tint and glue from your car window easily.

Some common tools you’ll need in every method-

  • Steamer- To remove tint from the glass.
  • Knife or razor-blade- To cut any leftover tint.
  • Paper towels- For wiping the glass.
  • Glass Cleaner- To give the glass a shiny outlook.
  • Spray bottle- As a container for soapy water.
  • Soapy Liquid/ Dish Soap- For cleaning up the excess dirt and dust.

METHOD 1- Most Convenient

Removing Car Tint  Glue Using a Adhesive Remover/ Goo Gone

This method is the most convenient but you need to buy a commercially produced adhesive remover if you already don’t have one.

Things you’ll need-

  • Adhesive Remover
  • Safety Gears (Eye Goggles, Respirator, Gloves)

First, you’ll have to put on your safety gears. Then remove any residue tint on the car window using a steamer and knife or blade. Then spray an adequate amount of adhesive remover on the window wherever you can notice adhesives appearing. Let it sit for about 3 to 5 minutes. Then wipe off with a clean paper towel. Lastly, clean the dust and dirt with soapy water and then glass cleaner if required.

METHOD 2- Easy!

Removing Car Tint  Glue With a Heat Gun/ Steamer/ Hair Dryer:

This method requires only a few tools that are easily available at any household.

Things you’ll need-

  • Hairdryer
  • Glass Cleaner

First, place the hairdryer or the heat gun at a distance from the car window that is easily reachable. Use any extension cords if you need.

Now turn on the machine and start to give the tint heat setting moderate to highest level depending on the heat level you have in your machine. If the gun has a high heat level, keep it to medium. Otherwise, and if you’re using a hairdryer keep it on the highest level.

Hold it 2 inches or about 5 cm far from the adhesive. Holding too close or setting up a higher heat level on your heat gun may heat up the car window too much.

Hold at least for 30 seconds at the same place so that the glue gets melted. Hold a little more if the adhesive seems stubborn. Wipe off any glue residue using more heat or adhesive remover and a paper towel.

Continue the procedure for the whole glass until you remove the glue completely from the window. If the tint seems very sticky, and doesn’t come off, use a steamer. A steamer makes the process a lot faster. Then wipe the window with a glass cleaner solution.

METHOD 3- Most Conventional/ Hardest

Removing Tint Glue With a Soap and Scraper (Appropriate for Warmer Weather)

This procedure is the lengthiest and requires a lot of patients. So, if you’re not a patient person, just avoid this method.

Things you’ll need-

  • Glass cleaner
  • Warm water
  • Steel Tool
  • Bucket or bowl

Prepare a warm soapy water. Fill the spray bottle. Spray it on the window. Let it sit for a while. Use a steel tool to gently scrub off the glue from the window. Don’t be harsh. That may leave scratches on the glass. Wash off the residue with clean warm water. Use the glass cleaner to give the windows some shine if required.

Other ways of Removing Tint Glue from Car Window

Use any of the method for removing tint glue if available-

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Nail Polish Remover


Be careful when you use any harsh chemicals. Always wear protective gears before handling them.

When Do You Need to Remove Tint From a Car Window?

There are several reasons you may need to peel off the car window tint.

Discoloration: When the dark tint gets purple, the window tint can’t bllock the UV rays properly. That is the sign it’s started to discolor. And that also indicates, you need to change your car window tint ASAP!

Peeling off from corners: Sometimes the car window tint starts to peel off after a few days when not applied properly. On top of that, it peels off over time. So, that tint remains no longer in use as a UV blocker. That might be a reason for you to remove the car window tint.

Bubbling: Bubbling is a common reason for removing tints for the car owners. Even if you apply the tint in the proper manner, it can happen due to the uneven layer of adhesive. Another reason could be the inappropriate application of the tint. Both will lead to the same result- bubbling. And eventually, this will spread all over the tint, and will make your window look horrible. So, removing the tint from the car window will be your only option.

Other Reason: The other reasons may include- you don’t want it anymore, or maybe the dark tint is now illegal in your state. Or you want to change the shade.


When you remove tint from the car window, the glue residues make the car windows look ugly. So, pick any of the methods stated above that is easy to you. Or you can call the professionals. However, that’ll cost you a lot. So, better try it yourself. It’s not that hard!

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