The 8 Best Car Window Tint Reviews | Buying Guide 2024

Best Car Window Tint Reviews

If you have ever owned a car, chances are, you’ve run into the ever so prevalent problem of sunlight blocking your view or unwanted onlookers peering into the inside of your vehicle.

This problem occurs due to the windows being hollow and transparent. Now, if you have this problem, you’re not the only one. A simple solution you can try is to install a window tint for the glasses.

Luckily, we reviewed some window tints and came up with a list of 8 of the best car window tint on the market. Now, you can quickly solve this problem without any hitches.

Summary of Car Window Tint

  1. Best Car Window Tint for UV Protection : LEXEN 2ply Carbon Tint Kit
  2. Best Car Window Tint for Visibility : Mkbrother 2ply VLT Window Tint
  3. Best Material Car Window Tint : MotoShield Professional Ceramic Window Tint
  4. Best Precut Car Window Tint : JNK Networks Precut Window Tint
  5. Best Car Window Tint for Heat Reduction : LEXEN 2ply Ceramic Tint Kit
  6. Best Customizable Car Window Tint : True Line Automotive Window Tint Kit
  7. Best Shrink Resistance Window Tint : LEXEN 2ply Premium Carbon Window Tint
  8. Best Darkness Car Window Tint : LEXEN 2ply Carbon Limo Window Tint

Benefits of Window Tints

You may be wondering as to what benefits window tints yield to your vehicle. Sure, they just look like thin sheets of plastic over your windows but don’t judge a book by its cover. By installing a window tint, you can attain many benefits many people don’t even know about.

  • Glare Reduction

When you’re driving a car in the summer, often you will run into the problem of sunlight obstructing your view. A dark window tint will solve that problem by reducing the amount of glare it generates in sunlight.

  • Thermal Protection

We all know how frosty it can get during the winter. If you’re someone who has to work during the cold season, a window tint is perfect for your car. It will insulate your car against the cold weather and keep the temperature inside at warm degrees.

  • Privacy

One of the more attractive selling points of a window tint is having privacy. Window tints generally incorporate a dark-colored material in their design, which makes them perfect for blocking outsiders from looking inside.

The 8 Best Car Window Tint Reviews : Buying Guide 2024

To make things less complicated for you, we compiled all of the eight reviews into a neat and clean list so you can check them out effortlessly.

1. LEXEN 2ply Carbon Tint Kit : Best UV Protection

When it comes to window tints, protection against UV rays is one of the more significant concerns for people. Indeed, ultraviolet rays are dangerous for you as they can decay your skin if you don’t try to protect yourself from them.

If you’re looking for a tint that will protect you against UV rays, the carbon tint kit by LEXEN should be one of your top choices. Apart from adequate UV protection, this window tint kit also boasts some other useful features you can rely on.

Firstly, we should discuss what the tint is made with. The company mainly deals with carbon fiber window tints, which yields a lot of benefits in terms of building material. Carbon fiber material provides better tensile strength and low thermal expansion.

These material characteristics make it a good match for a window tint as higher tensile strength makes the tint more malleable, and low thermal expansion ensures zero meltings during hot weather.

As for other valuable qualities, this window tint also reduces extra glare due to its dark shade. Since it actively rejects 99% of UV rays, the temperature of your car is also kept at a moderate degree.

You don’t have to fret about any scratches because this tint has strong resistance to scratch-related damage.


  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Improved heat reduction
  • Actively reduces glare
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Bad adhesion
  • Mediocre precut

Why We Like This?

If you’re looking for a window tint that provides protection against UV rays and reduces heat in your car, this is the option to go for.

2. Mkbrother 2ply VLT Window Tint : Best Visibility

It is crucial that you see what is in front of you when you are driving. If something is obstructing your view, you may run into many problems, some more life-threatening than others. So, visibility is a must for vehicles.

If you want a window tint that has good visibility while also providing other features, then the VLT tint by Mkbrother is a good choice to consider. It uses the VLT metric to measure how much light it is letting in and how much is being rejected.

The window tint itself has a non-metalized construction. In simple terms, non-metalized materials have polyester, which companies dye with a single color. This process makes the production of these materials cheaper and simpler.

Because of the absence of a metallic sheet, this window tint eliminates any kind of signal interference you would get from a regular window tint. In terms of protection, it can reject 96% of all UVA & UVB rays, leading to reduced heat in your car.

Now, VLT is undoubtedly not a new measurement as it has existed for a long time now. The window tint in question gives you 20% VLT, meaning it gives you 20% of all visible light and rejects the harmful UV rays.


  • Non metalized construction
  • Zero signal interference
  • Rejects 96% of all UV rays
  • 20% VLT for clear visibility
  • Reduces excess heat


  • Not suited for beginners
  • Adhesive off after a few months

Why We Like This?

Good visibility is a must when you’re driving a car, so in terms of tint visibility, this is one of the best options you can check out.

3. MotoShield Professional Ceramic Window Tint: Best Material

When you are driving a vehicle, you must ensure you are safe from any danger. This caveat includes protecting the inside of the car. A durable window tint that doesn’t break easily should aptly increase the protection of your vehicle.

A durable window tint option you can check out is the Ceramic tint by MotoShield. Regardless of the uninspired name, it is exceptionally durable and won’t break during an accident. Because of the unique construction and material, it is one of the most durable options you can buy in the market.

In terms of durability and stress tolerance, this window tint is no joke. The manufacturers made this tint with Ceramic film and welded it together with nanotechnology. Because of the construction method, it is only 2 mm in thickness, but it can withstand any pressure exerted upon it.

As for other features, this window tint can block heat up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable in the car in the summer. Because of the non-metallic construction, you can expect to have zero environmental damage.

Even though it has a Ceramic build, the window tint itself doesn’t interfere with any radio or phone signals, so that you can expect zero signal interference as well.


  • Nano-Ceramic construction
  • Incredibly durable
  • Good heat reduction
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Zero signal interference


  • Not suited for truck windows
  • 50% color rating

Why We Like This?

If you want to protect your windows from any external damage, then this is the window tint to go for.

4. JNK Networks Precut Window Tint: Best Precut Tint

Window tints are lucrative vehicle products, but most people don’t really know how to incorporate them into their cars. This is why many window tints come in a precut, meaning you don’t have to cut them into usable shapes out of the box.

If you want one of the best car tint that comes assembled out of the box, then the precut one by JNK Networks is your best bet. This window tint comes with all the necessary components you need to set up a good window tint set up in your vehicle without opting for any other alternatives.

As is the case with window tints, we should discuss the tint’s material before we move on to other topics. This tint has a film construction, meaning it is thin in thickness. Pair that up with a precut assembly, and you have an incredibly convenient window tint setup in your hands.

The tint also has many VLT color options, so you can choose what level of color blockage you need in your window tint. Note that, for some vehicles, you have to shrink the film to fit properly.


  • Thin-film construction
  • Precut assembly out of the box
  • Multiple VLT color options
  • Comes with tints for all of the windows
  • Has a detailed instruction guide


  • Loses adhesive quickly
  • Requires heat shrinking for some vehicles

Why We Like This?

Precut window tints are hard to find, and quality ones? Even more so. This window tint ensures both convenience and quality with its precut assembly.

5. LEXEN 2ply Ceramic Tint Kit: Best Heat Reduction

In the summer, the internal temperature of your car can rise a lot, making you feel uncomfortable driving. This reason is why getting a window tint with optimal heat reduction is a good decision. Getting a heat-reductive tint will significantly improve your driving experience during the summer heat.

One option you can consider is the Ceramic alternative to LEXEN’s window tit kit. Previously, we discussed the carbon fiber option that had great UV protection. However, this option has a ceramic construction, making it the best car window tint for heat reduction.

Before we move on to other aspects, explaining how Ceramic reduces heat is in order. Ceramic is a type of material that is heat-resistant, meaning it is almost immune to heat, be it from a furnace or sunlight.

Now, how is that related to the window tint we are talking about? Well, when you construct a window tint with Ceramic material, that tint can absorb all the excess heat and release it back into the atmosphere around your vehicle. This process enables your car to remain at a neutral room temperature.

With all the praises for the material done, the tint also boasts a precut assembly with multiple shade options, meaning you can select an alternative that suits your needs best.


  • Ceramic material construction
  • Nanoparticle technology
  • Good precut assembly
  • Superlative heat reduction
  • Multiple size options


  • Bad instructions
  • Susceptible to scratches

Why We Like This?

If you want to feel less hot and stuffy in your car in the summer, then this window tint is the best because of its superior heat reduction.

6. True Line Automotive Window Tint Kit: Best Customization

Varied personalization is a great way to introduce products to new customers. We all want a personal experience with what we buy, which is why people love things like character customization in video games. This reason is the same in the case of window tints.

If you want customizable window tints that you can swap out any time you wish to, True Line’s window tint kit is one of the best in the personalization department. With this many options, you don’t have to worry about buying another set of window tint ever again.

But before we get into the customization aspect of the kit, we should discuss what material the kit is built with. Depending on what car you choose, you can get a wide variety of materials, from Ceramic, Carbon fiber to more synthetic materials like polyester and PVC.

Now, we come to the customization aspect of the kit. It doesn’t matter what color or shade you want; this kit lets you choose whatever option you want. You can even select the size your vehicle needs, making it more convenient for you to get a correct fit.


  • Superlative customization options
  • Multiple choices for materials
  • Optimal precut assembly
  • No crinkles during use
  • Easy installation


  • Tint removal is arduous
  • Subpar film option

Why We Like This?

For a lot of people, personalized customization is a big concern since they will be using the tint for a long time. In our opinion, you won’t find a window tint kit with better customization options than this kit.

7. LEXEN 2ply Premium Carbon Window Tint: Best Shrink Resistance

In the summer weather, the temperature can be high enough to spread materials like steel fences, window grills, and of course, window tints. When sunlight directly falls on the tint, it can essentially cause the material to expand itself to cover more area.

LEXEN developed a premium carbon window tint just to deal with an annoying problem like this. They incorporated particle technology film in their window tint to prevent any expansion in the summer. With a window tint like this, you won’t have to worry about the tint not fitting your window anymore.

In terms of material, they employed a special film that contains carbon pigments. These pigments enable the window tint to absorb the heat and then release the heat back into the atmosphere. This process is why the tint will not expand in extreme weather.

Because of this type of construction, the window tint never loses color. When you install this tint in your car, you won’t have to worry about the tint discoloring in the event of extreme heat or cold. You can comfortably use it to protect the interior of your vehicle.


  • Carbon pigment construction
  • Particle technology optimization
  • Zero heat expansion
  • Great shrink resistance
  • Will not discolor


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Can tear apart due to flimsy quality

Why We Like This?

Using window tints in the summer can be tough, which is why you should get this window tint. It will not shrink or expand in abnormal weather and give you quality heat reduction.

8. LEXEN 2ply Carbon Limo Window Tint: Best Darkness

As we’ve established before, VLT is a measurement that manufacturers use to determine how dark the shade of a window tint is. It also corresponds to how much light the tint will block off to provide privacy to the interior. Meaning, the lower the VLT rating, the darker it will be.

If you want utmost privacy in your vehicle, LEXEN’s 5% limo option is to go for as the ultimate window tint. It is so dark that virtually no light will penetrate the interior of your vehicle. If you prefer privacy over anything else, then this window tint is the best auto window tint that you will find.

As is the tradition, we should start by discussing the material first. This window tint is manufactured with a professional-grade film that has carbon as its pigments. A construction likes this enables the window tint to block off any excess heat that can attack your vehicle in the summer.

In the name, you’ll see the term “5% Limo”. To understand what that means, you’ll have to call back to what VLT is. The percentage is a meager 5%, meaning the tint is exceptionally potent at providing you with the best privacy.


  • Carbon pigment construction
  • Good heat reduction
  • Incredibly dark shading
  • 5% VLT rating for increased privacy
  • No signal interference


  • May tear due to friction
  • Bad insulation

Why We Like This?

If you value privacy over anything else, then you can get this window tint without worrying about anything else. It will provide the isolation from the outside world that you need.

Buying a Car Window Tint: Factors to Consider

Before you jump right in and buy the first tint that catches your eyes, you have to consider a couple of factors that make or break a car window tint. Having prior knowledge of these factors will help you make a sound judgment when buying a window tint.

Types of Window Tints

There are many different types of window tints that have all sorts of differing characteristics. What kind of window tint you will buy is entirely dependent on your needs. So, you need to ask yourself what you need before choosing any one of these options.

  • Dyed Film

Generally, window tints employ a layer of dye in between an adhesive layer and a top coating. This type of material is called a dyed film. It may look flat and opaque from the outside, but you can attain decent visibility, both as a driver and a passenger.

  • Metallic Film

When you combine a layer that blocks UV rays, a layer that contains adhesive, and a layer that protects it all, you get what is generally known as Metallic Film. This type of film has a metallic look to it and shines in the sunlight. It is because of the active heat and UV reduction that it partakes in.

  • Carbon Film

When dealing with Carbon window tints, you will see that they can reject UV rays pretty well, considering their somewhat ghastly appearance. They have a matte black finish which helps them to provide good privacy.

  • Ceramic Film

In terms of window tint materials, Ceramic is the best as they come. It can contain non-conductive particles, which provide zero signal interference. Even under stressful conditions, it can perform very well and reduces glare to a significant percentage.

  • Factory

When you buy a car, the manufacturer could offer you a factory window tint option. These tints are created by a process called Deep Dipping. Even though it does its job correctly, you shouldn’t expect much out of these tints because they do not provide adequate UV rejection and heat reduction.

Top Rated Window Tint Brands

In any market, you will find a couple of brands that dominate the entire market. These brands make manufacture products that are universally loved and used. The same is the case with window tints. Below are some brands which people use all the time.


LEXEN is a company that has its main headquarters in Ellicott City, Maryland. A significant car enthusiast and professional tinting mechanic established LEXEN as a way to produce high-quality tints at affordable prices.

They have over ten years of tint manufacturing experience behind them. One of their top products is the 2ply Carbon window tint that provides the best privacy.

True Line Automotive

The True Line name is very famous for the insane amount of customization they provide in their products. You can safely choose a window tint by them without worrying about any personalization choices.

If you want superior customization in your window tint, then this is the brand to go for. One of their top products is the true line window tint kit.

MotoShield Pro

MotoShield pro is a company that emphasizes its nano-coating technology on their windows tints. This type of technology provides for greater convenience while installation while also increasing the protection of your window surface. One of their best products is their PreCut ceramic tint.

JNK Networks

JNK has made a name for itself with its precut window tint options. They emphasize the easy-access assembly on their window tints while also boasting moderate heat reduction with their thin-film construction. If you want something affordable that won’t break your bank, this is the brand to opt for.

One of their best window tints is the Precut assembly kit.


Even though we didn’t discuss any of their products, 3M certainly has established itself as a force to reckon with. They make a multitude of products that also include window tints. They set up shop over a century ago, meaning they have decades of experience in window tint manufacturing.

One of their top window tints is the 3M 1080 Gloss Car Film.

Window Tint Pricing

After all deliberation, we can all agree that window tint kits can be expensive. However, you don’t have to worry because we will be exploring all price ranges and how they range in quality from other tints.

Under 25 Dollars

Obviously, you will find a lot of cheap window tints that are under the price of 25 bucks. If you opt for more affordable options, you should consider their number and adhesive quality the most.

Most cheap kits won’t come with tints for all the windows, while some may fall off due to the adhesive losing its sticking power.

25-50 Dollars

At this tier, you can get medium-quality window tints, and even then, you can find some hidden gems here and there if you look hard enough. Almost all the tints in this tier come in larger coverage areas and numbers.

Above 50 Dollars

If money is not an issue for you, then you can choose this tier as it the best of the best window tints you will ever find on the market.

Best Way to Tint Car Windows

While tinting windows is an arduous process, you can make it easier if you follow through with the instructions appropriately. The best way to tint car windows is to prime the windows for tinting and go back and forth with removing windows and putting in the tint back.

  • Your first objective is to acquire a clean working space. Having a clean working space will help elevate your tinting experience and make it more convenient.
  • Remove the adhesives or stickers from your windows. Doing this will help you remove the window.
  • Cleaning the window beforehand will help you apply the window tint effortlessly.
  • Use a towel to wipe the window dry.
  • Put the window back in and roll it back before starting tinting.
  • Check which side has the most adhesive.
  • Spray some water on your window before applying the tint
  • Gently place the tint over the window to the point where it covers the whole window.
  • Cut 5 inches of tint to follow state laws.
  • Spray the tint with some water.
  • Cut out the edges with a knife.
  • Clear any corner that may have excess tint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there laws about car window tints?

The laws on car window tints are primarily dependent on the state you are in. Some states have a legal dark tint percentage that you have to follow; otherwise, you might fall in trouble.

Are Window Tints Illegal?

Window tints are certainly not illegal as it is regulated with state laws. In general, tinting is only permitted along the top 5 inches of your window.

How do I clean a tinted window?

You can clean tinted windows with warm water and a soap solution. After washing with these, you can use a soft wipe towel to wipe and pat your window dry.

How long will my car window tint last?

If you properly install a car window tint without any problems, you can expect it to last up to 10 years as most brands will provide that tier of quality.

Which is better- Ceramic or Carbon tint?

In terms of heat reduction, Ceramic is better because it can absorb heat better than carbon tints. This absorption is why you can get excellent heat reduction in your car.

What is the best window tint?

Overall, the best window tint you can get should have a balance of heat reduction, UV rejection, and privacy.

What is the best tint for cars?

In terms of material, Ceramic window tints are the best for cars because they provide great heat reduction and UV rejection while boasting excellent privacy.

What is the best ceramic window tint?

The best ceramic window tint is the 2ply kit by LEXEN. You can expect excellent heat reduction while having a relaxed atmosphere inside your car.

Which tint brand is best?

The best tint brand is LEXEN by a mile. This claim is due to their excellent UV ray rejection, optimal temperature control, and superlative heat reduction.

Where to buy a good window tint?

There are a lot of shops where you can get good window tints, but the best place to get them is at an automobile shop. You can also search on the internet for affordable deals on them.

Where to buy car window tint film?

If you want to buy tint film to make window tints out of, you can check your local automobile shop for spare films. They generally keep a dozen sets in their shop for maintenance work.

Final Words

Buying a car window tint can be both confusing and frustrating as most beginners don’t know what to look for. Luckily, our comprehensive review guide of the best car window tint will help you throughout your process of getting a window tint that best suits your needs.

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