How To Get Inspection Sticker With Illegal Tint?

How To Get Inspection Sticker With Illegal Tint

Using tinted car windows and windscreens gives one plenty of advantages. But most state laws allow less than 30% tinted windows. If your car windows have more tint than that, it is considered illegal and will be tough to pass inspection. So let’s see how to get inspection sticker with illegal tint.

If you want to get the inspection sticker in the “good’ way, you can just remove the tint and be done with it without any further worry. However, if you plan to get away with an illegally tinted window, it is best to remove the windows until the inspection ends.

Though getting rid of the illegal tint is the best thing to do, sometimes getting away with something illegal like tinted windows sounds logical. But if you are here just out of curiosity and want to know more about using tint, this article is your best shot.

4 Rules To Drive With Tint

The thing about tint is that you cannot use it as you please unless you do not care about the state laws. And driving with heavily-tinted windows comes with many risks. So make sure to know these rules before trying to figure out how to get inspection sticker with illegal tint.

1. The Windows Rules

The vehicle windows on each side and the windscreen do not have the same tint percentage rule. The rule ensures that 75% of light passes through the front screen, while it says 70% for the side windows.

You should know that most modern vehicle windows already come slightly tinted. So adding more will prevent you from passing the inspection.

2. See Where You Are Going

The reason why window tint goes through such a strict rule is that it reduces the riders’ ability to see everything more clearly. The more tint, the less visible the road will be, making it riskier to drive anywhere.

3. Penalties For Illegal Tint

Usually, the police and the vehicle examiner will test the tint using light-measuring equipment. If any vehicle turns out to have more tinted windows, they take action against the owner.

At first, they will give you a prohibition notice that will tell you to remove the extra tint. Sometimes things can go as far as a court summons.

4. Vehicle Selling Rule

Selling heavily tinted window cars is also illegal. So you must follow the state rule, or there will be actions against you.

Pros Of Having Tinted Windows & Windscreen

Many people are willing to go through illegal tint because of all the advantages it comes with. Here are the pros of having tinted windows and windscreens in vehicles.

  • Increases Visual Safety & Comfort

One of the most challenging things about driving out on a sunny day is the glare. The same goes for driving at night with all the lights and vehicle headlights around you. Tinted windows and windshields will ensure you do not go through any visual issues when driving.

Moreover, driving without having glare problems reduces pressure on your eyes. Thus, it decreases eye fatigue even if you drive for long hours, and safely.

  • Privacy & Security

We often leave things in our cars and run errands or stop by various places. It is seen as a mugging or breaking of opportunity for some people.

But when you have tinted screens, the outsider can hardly tell what is lying on your car seat. Besides, if you are looking for a moment of solitude or privacy, rolling up the windows will ensure that.

  • Interior Protection

If there is no tint on the glasses, the harmful UV ray or the sunlight will enter directly into your car. And if the weather is too hot, and if you leave the car outside in hot weather, the sunlight and heat will damage the seats and other interiors.

Repairing such damaged interiors is pretty expensive. So tinted windows and windscreens can protect that and reduce repair costs.

  • Cool Interior Environment

As mentioned just a moment ago, tinted windows prevent direct sunlight from entering the car. It reduces a good part of the harmful ray and heat from passing through. As a result, the car interior remains cooler than the vehicles that do not have tinted screens.

This can be a handy thing for those who live in Florida or California. And if your car environment remains cool, imagine how much air conditioning fuel you can save if your car windows are tinted.

  • Protection Against Collision

Since driving cars come with the risk of getting the glasses shattered, manufacturers provide components that make the glasses capable of resisting collisions. On top of that, if the glasses are tinted, they become more robust and reliable to protect against collisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is window tint illegal in some states?

Tinted windows are illegal for plenty of reasons. Using highly-tinted windows prevents sufficient light from passing through and makes it difficult for the rider to see properly. This problem often leads to serious accidents, making it illegal in several states.

Q. How do I pass with tinted windows in NY?

NY has a straightforward rule to pass inspection with tinted windows. The tint should not be more than 30%, and 70% of light should pass through the window and the windscreen.

Q. Does 70% tint make a difference?

Using 70% tinted windows eliminates glare and also keeps your vehicle’s interior temperature cool. However, driving vehicles with 70% tinted windows is completely illegal.

Q. What percent tint looks best?

Using 50% tinted windows makes the car appear stylish. It is also an excellent way to keep heat and glare at bay. Besides, a higher percentage of tint prevents eye fatigue as well.

End Note

Tinted windows are the best way to ensure eye comfort, and it enables you to drive more comfortably. But laws are different in different states, making it difficult to pass the inspection everywhere. And now that you know how to get inspection sticker with illegal tint, you can choose your option.

My suggestion would be to know the law and tinting percentage of the state you are in or intend to visit. It is best not to push your luck because driving with an illegal tint can result in a penalty notice and court summons.

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