Which Auto Parts Store Has Best Prices? [8 Best Auto Parts Stores]

Which Auto Parts Store Has Best Prices

Once there were no more than one or two auto part shops in my town. But thanks to the newly grown competitive market, we can now purchase these items from online and offline shops. But which auto parts store has best prices?

AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, Napa Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Amazon, etc., are among the well-known auto parts stores. These stores are known for selling well-made parts at various price ranges.

But there are more trustable online and offline stores to get auto parts at the best prices. If you know about the right auto part shops, you can save some money no matter what you purchase.

And my job is to help you find suitable shops because the ones I have just mentioned are not all.

The 8 Best Auto Parts Stores

So, which auto parts store has best prices? Here is a list of the most-recognized auto part stores that will provide you with quality products at an excellent price.

  1. Amazon

Amazon might not be an auto parts store, but it is the most popular and among the most reliable e-commerce sites to purchase auto parts. The best thing about this site is that you will be able to find many stores to look for the desired parts. On top of that, Amazon recommends the same product from other stores, making it easier to compare the products.

Amazon is a competitive place for all vendors. So many of them tend to offer various coupons and discounts for the customers. Besides, the customer reviews are life-saving for anyone wanting to purchase something.

AutoZone is one of the trustable auto parts stores. This store has been known for having essential auto parts at an affordable price range. Besides, it also provides free next-day shipping benefits for customers who order products of $35 or above.

And then there are reward point systems for its regular customers which can help you save money. One of the best parts of this store is that it provides tool loans for people who do not want to purchase it with a one-time installation. You can use the tool for your needs and return it to the store when you are done.

The advanced Auto Parts is yet another popular store for high-quality and reliable automotive products. This store has thousands of outlets around the country. And if you happen to live near one of them, be sure to receive plenty of benefits on your purchase, including faster delivery.

Even if you live outside the USA, like Canada or Mexico, you can purchase from this store. The Advanced Auto Parts store also offers a discount for purchases over various price ranges. There is also a help desk on the store’s website to answer all your questions. Moreover, you can get various bundle offers to save money.

If you want to find the right part from the O’Reilly Auto Parts store, just enter the keyword, and you will be good to go. This store has been around for around a decade and has thousands of physical outlets around the country.

Like many other popular shops, this store also provides various benefits for its customers on multiple purchases. You can avail of their next-day free delivery if you order items that cost $35 or more. And if you are not satisfied with what you got, you can return it to the store as long as the product is unopened and unused.

Napa Auto Parts is well-known for its excellent service both online and offline. The store has become a brand for selling reliable auto parts for around a century now. Napa store provides a flat rate delivery charge for any inland location.

On top of that, if you need any auto part repair service, you can make an appointment with them without any hassle. Many people choose over other stores because the store’s website contains lots of informative videos, including “how-to” tutorials for users to check out.

Rock Auto Parts is one of the largest auto parts stores. This store’s website ensures you find any part you are looking for just by entering the part number. You can also search the parts by category.

Choose your vehicle’s name and model, and you will know which part is the perfect fit for your vehicle. Not many auto part stores can ensure such easy access for their customers. And you can track your orders via email address, phone, or order tracking number.

CARiD is a store with pretty much anything a car owner would need. This store did not limit itself to car parts only. You will also find parts for motorcycles, boats, and RVs.

 The store has experienced people to help you find what you need. And the guarantee and return policy the store offers, you will find the price comparatively affordable and worth all the deals. If you are not satisfied with the purchased item, you can always return it.

Though BAP or Buy Auto Parts was founded several decades ago, the store’s website is relatively recent, launched in 2002. The store provides guarantees to ensure the perfect fit for any vehicle. And if you order anything above $99, you will receive free next-day delivery.

This store also offers a better return policy for its customers. If you are not satisfied with what you received, you can return the item in 60 days and receive a full refund.

Pros & Cons Of Buying Auto Parts Online

People have been shopping online way before quarantine and lockdown began. It is comforting for those of us who have social anxiety. But while online shopping gives you some special advantages, it has some drawbacks.


  • Easy To Search: Online stores are always only a click away. You can use the internet to find information regarding any store you want to know about.
  • Wide Range Of Options: The more online stores you explore, the more product options you will find. While physical stores often have limited options, you will find varieties on a single online store.
  • Visit Store Any Time: One of the best things about purchasing auto parts online is that there is no closing time for these stores. You can visit your chosen store any time of the day and night.
  • Easy To Compare: Some online auto-part stores provide comparison options for their customers. You can compare the quality and price of the part you want to purchase.
  • No Direct Communication Needed: If you are not a fan of social communication, even if it relates to shopping, purchasing auto parts online is the best way to avoid it. You can simply text the seller and communicate without feeling awkward.
  • Digital Coupons/Discounts: Online auto-part stores often provide digital coupons for their customers to collect on various purchases. You can also use such coupons to get discounts and save money.
  • Customer Review: Online stores always have an option for the customers to share their experience with various products. So if you want to know information regarding the auto part shop or the part itself, you can easily check what other customers have been saying about them.


  • Creates Conflict In Making Decisions: While it is true that online stores will give you vast options, it is also true that more options will give you more conflict.
  • Reliability: Is the auto part shop reliable? That is a difficult question to answer because you never know whether the seller is genuine or a fraud. So reliability is a major issue with online auto parts shopping.
  • Wrong Product Selection/Shipment: When you purchase auto parts online, you do not see the product until it arrives. Ordering the part based on provided charts and detail can be misleading sometimes. Besides, if the seller ships the wrong part, returning it or getting a refund may not be easy.
  • Warranty/Return Policy Issue: Online auto part stores do not always provide a warranty of the particular part. On top of that, some may even decline to take any return or provide a refund if something goes wrong.

Pros & Cons Of Buying Auto Parts Offline

While online shopping makes everything more accessible, purchasing auto parts offline or from physical stores gives you plenty of advantages. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing auto parts offline.


  • Checking The Product Firsthand: One of the reasons I suggest offline auto parts shopping is that you will be able to check the product directly. You do not have to rely on only photos like online shopping.
  • More Communication With Sellers: If there is confusion regarding the auto part, you can directly speak to the seller or the person in charge to clear things out. Such communication can help in the future in case you need service.
  • More Reliable: Physical auto part shops are more reliable than online ones. The offline purchase gives you the chance to check if the quality of the product matches your expectations and requirements.
  • Easy To Make Decision: Purchasing auto parts offline allows you to decide quickly and easily. You cannot keep everyone hanging all day, can you?
  • Warranty/Service: One of the best things about purchasing auto parts offline is that most of these stores provide product and service warranties. On top of that, if there is something wrong with the product, you can easily take it back to the store.
  • No Wrong Product/Shipment: Purchasing auto parts offline does not have the disadvantage of getting the wrong product. You get to choose what you want and take the exact product home.


  • Does Not Provide Vast Options: Unlike online stores, physical shops tend to have fewer options. So you might not find the part you need in every store you visit.
  • Hardly Provide Coupons/Discount: Not all offline stores will provide you with special discounts often. Most of them do not even have a coupon system.
  • No Customer Review: If you are relying entirely on offline purchases, it will be challenging to know what other customers have experienced. Because most offline shops do not have product or customer service review systems that you can look into.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are auto parts stores different from one another?

Each auto parts store has its advantages and disadvantages. Some stores may have the most experienced person behind the counter, but they may not have everything a customer might need. On the other hand, little-known stores often offer great deals and packages to provide affordable options for customers.

Q. How do I dispose of my car’s old parts?

It depends on what type of parts you want to dispose of. Some metal and plastic parts can be recycled at local recycling centers. If you want to dispose of leftover vehicle oil, you can take it to a store from where you purchased it.

Q. Are expensive auto parts better than low-priced ones?

That is not an easy question to answer, but you should already know that expensive never means better. Sometimes, high-priced and branded parts fall out sooner due to having poor material quality. On the other hand, low-priced parts often last much longer if you can take care of them properly.

Q. Can I return a faulty auto part to an online store?

While returning faulty auto parts is easy with physical stores, it might not be the same with online stores. If the store is not reliable or does not have a return policy, you would not be able to do anything about it. Some stores do not accept sold parts if the sealed package appears broken or the parts are used.

Final Verdict

Ask me again, which auto parts store has best prices? And I can give you plenty of names. The best way to find a suitable store, whether online or offline, is to learn what the customers think of them. Also, you can select a store that has been around for the longest.

Moreover, compare the prices if needed to find the most affordable options. And it is best if the store provides a warranty and return policy for wrong and damaged shipments.

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