How To Hang A Banner On A Car? [5 Effective Ways]

How To Hang A Banner On A Car

With the fourth of July getting closer and closer, we all have only one thing in mind: a bombastic parade with our cars. It is one of the days you go out there and colorfully celebrate the day. So if you are like the people I’m describing here, make sure you know how to hang a banner on a car.

You can hang a car banner on a car using masking tape as they are easily removable. But if you don’t want to use the masking tape, try using magnetic tape to hold the banner more securely. However, to ensure a more secure hanging method, you can use twist ties or suction cup hooks.

You can always hang banners on your car in various ways. It should depend on how you want to hang it and what type of banner you have. If you want to learn more details about hanging banners on cars, feel free to check this article.

How To Hang A Banner On A Car?

As a car owner, it is natural to worry about the banner hanging process damaging your car or the car paint. If that is the case, you can try hanging banners on your car in the following ways.

Method 1: Use Masking Tape

Masking tapes are the savior when it comes to sticking something without worrying about damaging the surface underneath. They will stick to any surface, including glass, and you can take them off quickly.

They are suitable for hanging banners or decorating cars with banners. So I would suggest using the masking tape before you think of trying anything else. However, masking tapes are not a good option if you want to hang something on your car exterior and if it is heavy.

Method 2: Use Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape is a multipurpose tape and more robust than regular masking tape. These tapes can hold a weight of as much as 15lbs. So it would not be a problem if you were hanging a big banner.

The better part of magnetic tapes is that they do not damage the car paint. But the problem with strong adhesive tapes is that they do not come off easily. So, if you are too concerned about the outcome, it is best to look for a different option.

Method 3: Use Grommets

If you take the hanging thing very seriously, you should try using the grommet hanging method. While tapes can be stuck on your car surface, having a grommet system banner will save you from the sticking issue.

Hanging banners with grommets is comparatively easy and a quick process. If the banner does not have the system, you can install the grommets on the necessary areas and hang them using a thin rope or wire.

Method 4: Use Twist Ties

Talking about wires, let’s not forget something else that can also be a reliable tool to hang banners. I am talking about twist wires, and of course, you know about this one. These wires are simple to hang anything on a car, including banners.

It is suitable for hanging banners on your car’s front grill or even the bumper. It comes in handier if you plan to hang fringes on your car.

Method 5: Use Suction Cup Hooks

If you are not putting much effort into decorating or hanging banners, you should just use the suction cup hooks and be done with it. They are easy to set up and can carry lightweight objects with flexibility.

You can install the suction cup hooks on your car hood or the trunk cover and hang a big banner if you like. You can also put them on your car’s glass surface. Each of the hooks comes with around a 5lbs weight limit.

How To Choose The Right Car Banner?

No matter how small the celebration is, standing out is what we all want in parades. But it is very challenging to do without having the right banner. So here is what you should look out for if you want to have the right banner for your car.

  • Size: Never choose a banner that is too big for your car or the hanging area. An oversized banner creates various problems, and they are challenging to drive with.
  • Hanging Method: Avoid picking a banner that requires a lot of work. Choose one that will be easy to hang and maintain.
  • Weight: Some banners can be extremely heavy. So unless you are selecting a secure method to hang it, the best thing to do is choose lightweight ones.
  • Price: You might be purchasing a banner for celebrating a festival or taking part in a causal parade. But it is best to keep the price in mind if you don’t plan to use the banner ever again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How big should a windshield banner be?

Generally, a windshield banner measures 30 to 40 inches in width and 1.5 to 3.5 inches tall. Any other banner size might not look good enough on a car windshield.

Q. How much does a car banner cost?

A car banner usually costs between $10 to $150 or more. The price depends on the banner type and size. So you can expect to find banners of various price ranges.

Q. Can I put a sticker on the bottom of my car’s windshield?

You can put on a sticker on the bottom of your car windshield. However, the sticker should not be too big or too high. Otherwise, it can end up blocking the driver’s view.

End Note

If you want to make a holiday worth celebrating, going around with banners can be a fun choice. And if the celebration goes for miles, the best way to get the banners out is to hang them on your car.

Almost all of us know how to hang a banner on a car. But not many people know which can be the right way. The hanging method varies based on your banner size, weight, and type. So, consider those qualities so that you don’t have to look for hanging tools aimlessly.

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