How Are Car Batteries Recycled? [4 Steps]

How Are Car Batteries Recycled

Car batteries contain plastic, chemicals, acid, lead, etc. You can tell that all of them are toxic and harmful to our environment. So rather than leaving old batteries exposed to nature, the best thing to do is recycle them. But how are car batteries recycled?

First, the batteries are taken to the recycling center, and they go through the hammermill until they become small particles. Then the heavier parts get separated from the lighter ones through a machine. All the materials then get melted, and some valuable parts are used to make new batteries.

You should know that almost all the parts of a car battery are recyclable. But how does the entire process actually happen? Well, I suggest you explore further to find the answer.

How Are Car Batteries Recycled?

How do you think the car batteries get recycled? Here is what you need to know about the process. And remember that the entire process begins with taking the batteries to a recycling center.

So I will start from there.

Step 1: The Batteries Reach The Recycling Centers

We cannot recycle car batteries or any battery by ourselves. So the first step to getting them recycled is taking them to a car battery recycling center.

But do you know if there is a recycling center in your town or where? If you already know, that is a good thing. But if you don’t, you can ask someone local or on the internet to find the nearest available center and take the batteries there.

Step 2: Separating The Parts And Components

 After receiving the batteries, they are put into a hammermill. The hammermill crushes down the entire battery until it turns into small components. After that, the components are sent to a vet to separate the parts.

Here, the heavier parts, like the leads, go to the bottom. And the lighter parts, such as the plastics, stay on the top.

Step 3: The Melt Down

Once the components are separated, they are transferred into a high-temperature furnace for melting. The melted plastics get turned into small pellets.

And the leads are melted further until all the impurities begin to float on the top. Before the lead cools, the impurities get removed. After that, the leads go through the melting process once more.

Step 4: Reuse

So what happens to them in the end? The plastic becomes a material to make other plastic items, including the shell for new car batteries.

The same goes for most parts of the leads. And the acid is turned into sodium sulfate, which is used for making glass, detergent, and other textile use. The remaining components just get transferred to the waste facilities.

4 Benefits Of Recycling Car Batteries

You might wonder if the recycling process is compulsory for car batteries. It is not the most considerate thing to leave them lying around, knowing how harmful it can be if exposed to nature. So looking at the bright sides, here are some benefits of recycling old car batteries.

1. Earn Money

You might not get to recycle car batteries on a daily basis. But whenever you do it, you can get paid for it. The battery might be out of power, but it still has useful minerals in it. So rather than dumping the battery in the landfill for nothing, it is better to get some bucks in exchange.

2. Reduces Waste

The dump landfills are already full of waste. On top of that, there are only a limited number of such landfills. So why add more waste to burden those places? Recycling car batteries reduce the extra burden and waste.

3. Reduces Cost

You have already learned that recycled battery materials are later used to create new batteries. It helps reduce manufacturing costs as a large part of the old batteries are used for the new batteries. It makes the batteries more affordable.

4. Environment-Friendly

Car batteries are not safe when exposed, and the chemicals and leads are dangerous to the environment. So recycling them allows us to remove them from the environment and reduces pollution and other health risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I put my old battery in my home recycling bin?

You should never put old car batteries in your home recycling bin. These batteries contain harmful chemicals that need to be handled cautiously. The chemicals and acid can contaminate other things in the recycling bin and make them unfit for further use.

Q. Where should I go to recycle car batteries?

You can recycle your car batteries in two places. You can take it to an auto parts store that purchases old batteries or offers an exchange. If not, you can take the battery to a local recycling center to get it recycled professionally.

Q. How much does recycling car batteries cost?

It does not cost you anything to recycle your car batteries. Recycling centers do it without any charge. On the contrary, you can get paid for getting your car battery recycled.

Q. Can one get money for an old car battery?

Yes, you can get paid for scrapping the old car batteries. The battery’s weight determines the price. The average price for scrapping an old car battery generally ranges between $10-$20 or more.

Q. What happens to used EV batteries?

EV or electric vehicle batteries last longer than the cars they are installed in. So even if the car gets damaged or no longer works, the battery can still be useful. Such batteries are later used for industrial and residential energy storage. And after the battery loses all its energy, it is taken apart, and some parts are used to make new EV batteries.

End Note

Car batteries are the essential part of keeping the car going. But once out of use, it is best to get them recycled rather than leaving them around. So how are car batteries recycled? It all starts with crashing and burning, then eventually, most of them come back to be used as new batteries.

So you can see that recycling car batteries comes with advantages for all. And you can ensure that without even spending a penny. On the contrary, you can make some bucks by scrapping them at the right place.

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