What Is Qq License Plates? [An Inspection For Beginner]

What Is Qq License Plates

QQ license plates, an enigmatic and intriguing designation, have sparked curiosity among car enthusiasts and drivers alike. These distinctive plates in various regions or countries hold unique significance and characteristics. But what is that ‘QQ’ label on the license plate

QQ license plates denote that either the vehicle is registered as an antique vehicle older than 25 years old or was originally made in Europe but is being used by armed forces in the states. QQ license plates have specific features that make them different from other plates.

Unraveling the meaning and purpose behind QQ license plates, in this article, we will delve into the realm of QQ license plates to shed light on their origins, common characteristics, and possible implications. 

7 Visible Characteristics To Identify A QQ License Plate: 

A few common characteristics help you to identify the QQ license plate. Though the features may vary from state to state, country to country, you are likely to find at least one characteristic in common mentioned below. Take a look at some general features that might be associated with QQ license plates:

  1. Alphanumeric Combination: 

QQ license plates typically consist of a combination of letters and numbers. The exact format and arrangement of these characters can vary between different jurisdictions.

  1. QQ Prefix: 

QQ is often used as a prefix or identifier on license plates in certain regions. It can be followed by additional letters and numbers to create a unique license plate combination.

  1. Standard Size And Shape: 

QQ license plates generally adhere to the standard size and shape requirements the issuing authority sets. This could be rectangular or square, depending on the jurisdiction.

  1. Color Scheme:

The color scheme of QQ license plates can differ from place to place. Common colors include white, yellow, or blue for the background, with contrasting black or dark blue characters.

  1. Regional Emblem Or Symbol: 

Some QQ license plates may display a regional emblem or symbol representing the issuing jurisdiction or specific administrative division.

  1. Security Features: 

QQ license plates may incorporate security features such as holograms, watermarks, or special printing techniques to deter counterfeiting or tampering.

7. Reflective Material: 

Many QQ license plates use reflective materials, making them easily visible in low-light conditions or when illuminated by headlights.

Which Vehicles Get QQ License Plates? 

There are two possible denotations of vehicles having QQ license plates. If you notice any of the characteristics mentioned above, it can have two meanings. Here are the two reasons: 

  • It Is An Antique Vehicle:

A vehicle older than 25 years old is marked as an antique vehicle and can be registered as per historical registration. Under this registration, the vehicle obtains a QQ license plate. However, it becomes a display vehicle after this registration. There is no registration fee in New Jersey but the registration has to be renewed every three years. 

  • It Is Imported From Europe:

US military forces often use cars from Europe, mostly from Germany. These cars get QQ license plates which are basically license plates issued by the importing country but authorized in the USA. Until they get a local number plate, they use the QQ license plate written ‘USA’ on the left side to be able to drive in the States. 

7 Criteria To Get QQ License Plates: Know the Standards

A few documents and eligibility criteria are there that you need to obtain a QQ license in the States. Take a look at the general and optional requirements to get the QQ number plate. 

  1. Vehicle Registration: 

You must have the vehicle registered in your name or have the necessary documentation proving ownership.

  1. Proof of Insurance:

You will generally need to provide proof of valid auto insurance coverage for the vehicle.

  1. Title or Proof of Ownership: 

You may need to present the vehicle’s title or other documentation demonstrating your legal ownership.

  1. No Changes: 

No changes in the vehicle are allowed. It can get a QQ plate only if it is in its original state as bought. 

  1. Payment of Fees: 

There are usually fees associated with obtaining license plates, including registration fees, license plate fees, and potentially other applicable taxes or charges. For example, the current fees for license plates by vehicle type:

Plate typeQ license plate fees
Standard historic plate$44
Courtesy historic plate$74
Personalized historic plate$94
Personalized fees$50
  1. The Condition is Good: 

Even if it is registered as an antique vehicle, it has to be a condition to be driven. 

  1. Not for Driving: 

Driving a QQ-registered car in the States is prohibited. It is only for display and educational activities after being registered as an antique vehicle. 

Related Question 

How To Apply To Get QQ License Plates In New Jersey? 

To apply to obtain a QQ license plate, get the registration form from the authorized body. Then, Fill out the registration form. Now, try to get the necessary documents, including the owner’s identification document, photos of the vehicle, etc. Finally, pay the fees and submit. 

How Can I Obtain Qq License Plates For My Car?

Consult the local Department of Motor Vehicles or licensing authority to understand the requirements and procedures for obtaining QQ license plates, and follow the instructions to apply and obtain the license. 

Do Qq License Plates Have Any Special Privileges Or Restrictions?

In some regions, specialty license plates may provide certain privileges, such as access to restricted lanes or parking areas. However, the same benefits or limitations associated with QQ license plates would need to be determined based on the regulations of the issuing authority.

Can I Personalize My Qq License Plates?

If QQ license plates are eligible for personalization in your region, you may have the option to create a personalized combination of letters and numbers using QQ as the prefix or part of the plate. This may differ from state to state. 

Are Qq License Plates Recognized Internationally?

Recognizing QQ license plates internationally depends on the specific jurisdiction and any agreements or conventions. Generally, license plates are specific to a particular region or country and may not be widely recognized outside that area. 

Can I Transfer Qq License Plates To Another Vehicle?

If applicable, the rules and regulations for transferring QQ license plates to another vehicle depend on the issuing authority in your region or country. It’s important to consult the local licensing authority or Department of Motor Vehicles for guidance on transferring QQ license plates to another vehicle if permitted.


In conclusion, QQ license plates are a designation that can be found in certain regions or countries, although the specific meaning and significance can vary. The requirements and features may vary from state to state. 

The requirements and regulations of QQ license plates differ depending on the jurisdiction. It is important to consult the local licensing authority or Department of Motor Vehicles for accurate and up-to-date information regarding QQ license plates in your specific region.

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