How To Improve Bluetooth Call Quality In Car?

How To Improve Bluetooth Call Quality In Car

Using the Bluetooth system in the car while talking to someone on the phone is better and safer than one-hand driving. But have you been experiencing that the call sound quality is weird lately, or the connection keeps dropping?

If these are the problems you are facing, it would be best if you knew how to improve Bluetooth call quality in car.

To improve Bluetooth call quality in car, make sure that your car’s Bluetooth system is compatible with your phone. Turn up the mic when one calls. If that does not resolve the problem, you may have to upgrade your car’s speakers, receiving adapter, or just reset the Bluetooth system.

In most cases, when a call quality seems poor, it is because the network is terrible. But faulty or poor audio setup in the car can also be the reason. So why not find the best solution to all these?

How To Improve Bluetooth Call Quality In Car: 6 Ways

Since many cars have their own built-in Bluetooth system, you no longer need to use a separate Bluetooth device while making calls or talking to someone while driving. But this high-tech system may malfunction sometimes and make the call audio quality drop.

So, how can you improve Bluetooth call quality in your car? You will find the solution in the following ways.

1. The Network Signal

One of the first things you need to check on when having trouble with a car Bluetooth call is your cell phone network. You can’t blame the car’s Bluetooth system all the time.

Since you are driving and going from one area to another, it is not unusual to have issues due to a poor network signal. So the Bluetooth call quality will not improve if your phone is not getting a proper signal.

2. Turn Up The Mic

Every phone and receiver device has a system to turn up the mic or volume. If you turn it up, it can help you hear more clearly. But finding the system can be a little tricky as not all devices work in the same way. If you cannot find the mic option on the settings, try finding it when you are on a call with someone.

3. Upgrade The Speaker

It should not be surprising that your car’s speaker is the reason behind poor call audio quality. If the car model is old, it must have older speakers that fail to provide high-quality sound.

In most cases, factory-installed speakers do not adjust well with many modern devices. So if you think the speaker is too old or not compatible with your phone, it is best to upgrade them.

4. Ensure Full Battery Power On Both Devices

Do you hear squeaky sounds when you are on a call? Does the sound break up unexpectedly but reconnect shortly after? That could be because of the low battery power on either of the devices. If you want to have a conversation without any such interruption, make sure the devices are not low on power.

5. Use Sound Dampening Materials

Driving cars and talking on the phone, even on Bluetooth, is not going to be a pleasant experience, especially if you drive through heavy traffic. If noise is the issue, you can install noise dampening materials to the car so that it can muffle as much outer noise as possible.

6. Seek Expert Advice

The audio quality and connectivity in a car’s Bluetooth system can be unpleasant for plenty of reasons. You may not be able to tell them immediately unless you are an expert. If the previous tips do not solve the problem or you cannot tell what causes the call quality to drop, you can take an expert’s help to resolve it.

How To Ensure The Phone Connects To Car Bluetooth?

If you want to know how to improve Bluetooth call quality in car, you need to start by ensuring the connection is working without any trouble. Here are some tips regarding ensuring a better Bluetooth connection to improve call and sound quality in the car.

  • The Devices Should Be Compatible

 The car’s Bluetooth system and your phone should sync well to make the connection work, which ensures a better call quality. While the Bluetooth versions might not be an issue, your phone or the receiver end might not be compatible. So it is essential to ensure that you can get a better connection.

  • Up-To-Date Devices

Most of us like ignoring the update warnings, but it is not always the right thing to do if you use the programs regularly. So if the devices are not up-to-date, you can go to the settings option and update them.

Your devices may restart after they finish updating. So if you notice the connection is lost, reconnect the devices again.

  • Bluetooth Version Should Be Compatible

So, what if you have compatible devices but still have Bluetooth issues? Well, then the fault must be in the Bluetooth version you are using. Go to the setting of the devices and see if you have the latest Bluetooth version. If not, upgrade your device’s Bluetooth version and always ensure to upgrade them when needed.

  • Bluetooth Should Be On

Have you ever tried and tried to work out the call thing on your car’s Bluetooth device, only to realize that one of the devices does not have the Bluetooth option turned on? I can assure you that you are not the only poor soul to experience that.

It is a common mistake many of us make. That is why it is mandatory to check both devices have their Bluetooth settings turned on before you try connecting them.

  • Ensure Enough Battery Power

Another common mistake, but that is okay. It is not unusual to forget to recharge the phone or the car’s Bluetooth adapter. But this common problem makes the sound quality during calls drop and can also cause issues when playing music. So keep the batteries charged to ensure it does not disrupt the connection when you are on a call.

  • Airplane & Power-Saving Mode

Check on your phone’s airplane and power-saving modes. These sneaky devils often get activated without even noticing it. The Airplane Mode and the Power-Saving Mode limit the phone’s many activities, including the wireless connection. As a result, your phone fails to connect to the car’s Bluetooth device.

  • Turn Off Other Interfaces

The more devices or interfaces your phone connects to at once, the weaker the connection will be. If you want to use the car’s Bluetooth system for receiving or making calls, make sure you have turned off other interfaces. And make sure no one is using the phone or running any apps.

  • Reset The Bluetooth Connection

If your phone keeps failing to connect to the car’s Bluetooth system or vice versa, it is best to restart the Bluetooth connection and start it all over. Find the phone setting from your car’s dashboard settings option to remove your device and connect them again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I fix fuzzy Bluetooth inside my car?

Sometimes, you will hear a fuzzy sound when connecting the phone to your car’s Bluetooth. You can solve this problem in a few simple ways.

  1. Turn off both devices and then turn them on.
  2. Update the devices if required.
  3. Make sure the Bluetooth devices have more than enough charge.

Q. Why is the Bluetooth audio cranking?

When the audio cranks while using a Bluetooth connection, the problem mainly lies in the connection. The connection issue happens when the receiver device is incompatible or the network is poor. Moreover, it can also happen if something else interferes with the line.

Q. What to do if my Bluetooth sounds muffled?

If you are using Bluetooth and the audio sound is muffled, it can indicate a few things. First, the most common reason it happens is if the speakers have buildups or debris. But it can also happen due to a faulty connection.

End Note

All modern car problems require more upgraded solutions. While driving and talking on the phone is not exactly the best thing to do, it is often necessary. So knowing how to improve Bluetooth call quality in car is essential as you don’t want the instability to distract you when driving.

You can try turning up the mic first. But if that does not help, upgrading the devices or the Bluetooth versions and replacing the speakers should work. However, if none of this helps, you should talk to a professional directly.

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